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A home away from home

Our early learning centre opened its doors and welcomed families in July 2008. The architect designed, purpose built facility is home to 120 children daily. The centre has seven rooms, catering for children from 6 weeks to 5 years of age.


Each room has an individual outdoor play space, which has been landscaped to include age appropriate activities to engage the children. There is ample on-site parking in our 24 car basement and/or on Tulip Street. Public transport is also a short walk from the centre.

Centre Director: Tina Ferguson
Centre Manager: Laura Goakes
Number of places available: 120
Hours of operation: 7am – 6pm (52 weeks per year)
Direct phone number: 03 9585 8585
Tours: Call the centre to arrange a personal tour.

  • Tiny Tots

    Our Tiny Tots room caters for 15 children from 3-12 months with 4 educators. They have their own playground full of new challenges and sensory experiences. social and emotional development is a large part of our Nursery program. The babies learn to adjust to a whole new environment, develop relationships and trust with different educators, and learn to interact and get used to having other babies around.

  • Toddler Rooms

    From 12 months to 36 months, room sizes accommodate 16 children with 4 educators per room, each room with their own outdoor space. In the Toddler Room, the children are just starting to interact with the other children. The educators cater for all children’s social and emotional skills. Staff endeavour to provide a happy, upbeat atmosphere where the children can learn and grow through dance, self expression, and play. Like every area of development, children develop differently and may take different lengths of time to develop skills.  A regular but flexible routine is carried out in the Toddler rooms, to ensure children are comfortable, and know what is going on throughout the day.

  • 2-3 Year Olds

    From 2-3 years of age, the rooms also have 16 children each with 3-4 educators opening to an amazing outdoor play space.

    Toddlers are still discovering new things and are full of curiosity. They are busy, enthusiastic and love to explore and experiment.  They are beginning to develop more competencies with skills and are keen to further develop their independence.

    Learning to use the toilet is a big step for toddlers and it can be difficult for some.  Our room is equipped with nappy change facilities and toilets and our educators will work with you to maintain the same routines you use at home.

    The children are encouraged to develop their growing independence with guidance from educators who model appropriate behaviours and give lots of praise.

    Our program will continue to include stimulating activities, small group interactions, quiet time and free-play, in addition to lots of self help activities such as toileting, dressing and care of belongings.

    There will be many songs and activities which develop your child’s interest in basic concepts such as colours, shapes, numbers and their body.

  • 3-4 Year Olds

    Our 3 year old group accommodates 16 children with 2 qualified educators.

    Children at this age are developing quickly in all areas and are becoming independent and confident learners. They enjoy engaging in conversations with educators and their friends and use their developing language skills to solve conflicts.

    Their problem solving and mathematical skills continue to develop so they are able to complete more difficult tasks without adult assistance.

    We encourage friendships between all of the children, including opportunities to spend time with siblings and younger children. This encourages the development of self-esteem and also teaches children the importance of care and compassion towards others.

    Our emergent curriculum allows children to self select activities which are of interest to them, with our trained educators observing them and using these observations to create fun, stimulating programs.

  • Kindergarten

    The educators in the Kindergarten work together with the children to implement a rich learning programme that is based around the children’s interests. We actively promote school readiness using our knowledge of how children learn through play. We work in partnership with parents, educators, management and the community to enrich children’s learning.

    We have an emergent curriculum which means we plan, implement, and evaluate in a cycle as interests come about. These are inquiry-based experiences, involving the children to enrich learning as we co-construct knowledge and ideas together. We incorporate The Early Years Framework within our programming and planning.

    We have a strong philosophy that children learn best when they are directly involved and engaged in hands-on learning experiences. Emphasis is also placed on supporting and encouraging verbal interactions, engaging in group discussions and co-constructing knowledge and ideas between educators, children and their peers.

    The approved Kindergarten programme runs Monday-Friday as part of the long day care program. Children enrolled in our approved Kindergarten program will have preference of days.

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