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Food, glorious food!

At Kids on Tulip, our aim is to always provide our children with the best quality and freshest produce every day. We recognise meal times are an important time of the day and they are not rushed or hurried.

The older children are encouraged to serve themselves, helping them to learn about portion size, sharing and positive eating habits. At Kids on Tulip there is always enough food to eat!

The younger children’s individual meal times are respected and children are fed in accordance with their individual routines at home.

At Kids on Tulip we provide the children with at least 50% of the recommended daily nutritional intake in accordance with Nutrition Australia. We provide lean, quality meats with little or no trans fats and where possible our meat is locally sourced, premium or free range (we do not serve processed meats).

Our bread is always wholemeal and baked fresh daily from local bakeries. Our fresh fruit and vegetables are sourced from a local supplier and, where possible, we serve seasonal produce as part of our daily menu.

All of our baked and cooked foods are made in our kitchen and contain no salt. Children are given the choice of milk or water at every meal (soy milk is also available).

Our centre is nut free; we do not use any products which contain peanuts or peanut oil.

All of our foods are baked, grilled or steamed.

Our cook is fully qualified in food handling and has a passion for cooking. We engage an independent food auditor annually to check our procedures and processes.  Bayside Council health inspections are random and we have always achieved excellent reports.

Children with allergies or food intolerances are given an alternate meal catering for their individual needs.

To keep every family informed about what their child is eating daily, a copy of the menu is on display in the classrooms and in the kitchen.

We always encourage input from our families about our menus.

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