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What we believe

Kids on Tulip Early Learning Centre and its staff are committed to the high quality care, education and health of young children based on individual needs and interests.  We understand parents are the major influence in a child’s life and represent many cultures, therefore our programs will reflect this diversity.

Our aim is to provide a warm, happy, stimulating environment, where children can be safe and secure, have fun, enjoy challenging experiences, learn logical consequences and develop to their full potential both socially and emotionally, and become confident, resilient children.

We are passionate about offering every child the opportunity to discover and make sense of their world through the life experiences they encounter at Kids on Tulip Early Learning Centre. We hope the children will carry away happy memories as a result of their time spent at Kids on Tulip Early Learning Centre.

Staying in touch

Once you have enrolled at Kids on Tulip Early Learning Centre, we pride ourselves on our communication with families.

You will always see the Director and Management team front of house to welcome each family as they enter or leave Kids on Tulip and who are also be available to discuss any questions families may have.

Our families are encouraged to talk to their child’s educators on a daily basis. There is always a familiar face at drop off and pick up times.

Educators may also call families during the day to communicate daily issues. We also provide a weekly reflection of the children’s programs, emailed to every family. We also email accounts, statements and invoices on request.

At the end of every month, families are emailed our Kids on Tulip Early Learning Centre newsletter.

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