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Helping out!

At Kids on Tulip we implement various sustainable practices in order to teach our children to take care of the environment around us.


Our nappies are one of the most environmentally friendly nappies available.  The packaging is recyclable and the core of the nappy is biodegradable.


At Kids on Tulip we feel strongly about the environment and reducing our impact on the earth. Recycling bins are located throughout Kids on Tulip. We collect used plastic bags, which are then recycled into the disposing of soiled clothes.

Families are often asked to bring in recycled materials from home.

Veggie patch

We try to build a sense of responsibility for caring for our environment as we talk about water conservation, recycling and gardening. We have a garden where we grow our own vegetables and herbs that the children take care of, and we use these items in the food preparation for the children where possible.


To save paper we email menus, invoices, weekly room reflections, policies and procedure documentation and all enrolment material.

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